Vidmina Stasiulytė is a researcher, educator, artist, and fashion designer whose work merges the field of non-visual aesthetics, sonic identity, design archives, and inclusion. Starting with costume performances and individual fashion collections, later she expanded her practices into interactive sculpture, sound, and installation art. Vidmina's current Ph.D. research is investigating the dressed body as a temporal form and expression that is based on sound. Prior to Ph.D. studies, she was investigating non-visual design methods within the artistic-social projects for inclusion (e.g. Anti-ideal, Beyond Seeing) aiming to open up space for alternative modes of thinking and doing.

Her current research Wearing Sound: Foundations of Sonic Design is revising fashion from a different, sonic, perspective. By re-thinking the dressed body distinctly as a matter of sound gestalt, the research opens up a new thinking space for designing with the sonic materialities and builds up the foundations for non-visual aesthetics. An investigation into sonic expressions is seen as a disruptive fashion practice and could be described as a process of ‘unlearning’—encouraging one to leave behind pre-existing knowledge of fashion expressions by focusing on something else in defining, thinking, and designing processes.  

Vidmina originally comes from Lithuania. She lives and works in Sweden.

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