Invisible Value of the Wearables: Adding Sound to Textile and Objects

Workshop and lectures by Vidmina Stasiulyte, DESIGN WEEK 2016


I was giving the 4 days hands-on workshop “Sounding Objects” and two lectures “Sonic-haptic values of the wearables”, “Sonic-haptic interfaces in the fashion design” during the Design Week’16 in Vilnius Academy of Arts.

The visual perception is the most common form in the field of textile and fashion design. This creative workshop aimed to look at the wearable of a non-traditional perspective and think about the different qualities: the value of the sound and touch. During the 4 days hands-on workshop students had an opportunity to try out their own ideas by creating the original sonic-haptic surfaces. During the workshop students created different types of sonic / haptic interfaces for textile and learned how to use the low-tech and high-tech devices for creating those interfaces. The first part of the workshop was intended for creating an original surface that would be associated with the sound or sound isolation. Students from various study programs made various sounding objects/applications to the garments. During the second part, they used a high tech device for coating the textile surface with e-ink, which became as an additional sonic message. Students worked individually on adding sonic value to their already existing projects and later presented their works in the common exhibition.

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