BERLIN FASHION WEEK_fashion exhibition 'Unicorn is in the box' video

During the Berlin Fashion Week 8 Lithuanian fashion designers questioning the concept of fashion by means of contemporary art were presented at an exhibition at the “PANKE culture” spaces. It was the unconventional fashion exhibition contradicting commercial implications and consumer culture, constantly articulated by the fashion industry. The exhibition revolved around the search of conceptual topics as well as nonconformist means of expression (using objects, installations, audio and video works) and invited both artists and visitors to ponder upon the boundary between fashion and art. Designers: Agnė Biskytė, Kristina Valančiūtė, Jurga Sutkutė, Benas Bogušas, Aneta Mackonyte, Rūta Sakalauskaitė, Vidmina Stasiulytė, Rūta Zlatkauskienė. Curator: Asta Labžentytė Camera & editing: Robertas Muravskij Graphic designers: Asta Ostrovskaja

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