Invisible Value of the Wearables: Adding Sound to Textile and Objects

Workshop and lectures by Vidmina Stasiulyte, DESIGN WEEK 2016 SOUNDING OBJECTS I was giving the 4 days hands-on workshop “Sounding Objects” and two lectures “Sonic-haptic values of the wearables”, “Sonic-haptic interfaces in the fashion design” during the Design Week’16 in Vilnius Academy of Arts. The visual perception is the most common form in the field of textile and fashion design. This creative workshop aimed to look at the wearable of a non-traditional perspective and think about the different qualities: the value of the sound and touch. During the 4 days hands-on workshop students had an opportunity to try out their own ideas by creating the original sonic-haptic surfaces. During the

Growing Bioplastic

Design Week 2016, Vilnius Academy of Art I gave a hands-on workshop with bio-degradable material in Vilnius Academy of Art. Design Week’16 events were focused on the sustainability. During the workshop “Growing Bioplastic” students were trying 3 different recipes for making their own bioplastic. Students were experimenting with the quality of dryness and thickness as well. They were using 3 techniques: interlaying bioplastic with different organic objects/textile, food dyes and bubble maker. Later students presented their experiments, thought of further use and development using a bioplastic for their own projects.

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